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PCOS Treatment in Dehradun - PCOS is known as the polycystic ovarian syndrome, and it is a common problem in women. The PCOS disease can cause many problems in women such as obesity, irregular menstrual bleeding, and abnormal menstrual cycle, etc. It is a common disorder affecting 10 to 15 percent women, and it is commonly found in the reproductive age and also become one of the major causes of female infertility. But in the modern world, there is a thriving and highly effective treatment for PCOS/PCOD available in Ayurveda, so if you are suffering from this disease, then you can cure it with the help of Ayurveda treatment and medication. You can get the best PCOS treatment in Dehradun from the Arogyam centre which is a highly recognized and awarded ayurvedic centre in India.

At Arogyam ayurvedic healing centre, the patients can get beneficial treatment for PCOS/PCOD under the supervision of expert doctors and therapist. The ayurvedic specialists in Arogyam will examine your health condition and check your medical history to start your treatment, and they will recommend you panchkarma therapy which is providing excellent results in healing polycystic ovarian syndrome. The PCOS/PCOD disease can create cysts inside your ovary and cause irregular menstrual bleeding and also become the primary cause of ovarian cancer in the later stage of life.

You can completely trust Arogyam to get PCOS treatment in Dehradun because with the Ayurveda panchkarma therapy you will get numerous health benefits. It will reduce your body weight and decrease insulin resistance. The panchkarma treatment will regulate the hormonal system and help you to regularize menstrual cycle. The panchkarma ayurvedic therapy of Arogyam centre can also promote fertility and remove toxins inside the body. It will also improve your strength, endurance, and vitality and relax your mind and body.

Ayurvedic View & Treatments for PCOS/PCOD According to Arogyam Dehradun

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine system disorder among women of reproductive age. Most women with PCOS have many small cysts on their ovaries. Hence, it is called polycystic ovarian syndrome. The cysts are not harmful but lead to hormone imbalances. One hormone change triggers another, which changes another forming a vicious cycle.

In Ayurveda various menstrual issues is mentioned under artava vaha sroto dushti. PCOS is a complex disorder which falls in artava kshaya, anartava, rasa vaha sroto dushti and medo vaha sroto dushti. There is definite cure for PCOS in Ayurveda. The sufferer has to have a lot of patience, strong willpower as treatment may extend upto 6 months or even 1 year.

Treatment includes panchakarma and internal medication:

Lifestyle changes:

  • Regular exercise – To reduce body weight and prevent insulin resistance. It is advisable to lose at least 5% of your weight to regularise the cycles.
  • Meditation – To overcome anxiety and depression.
  • Diet – For weight management and to reduce blood sugar levels. Eat balanced, low glycemic healthy diet.

Benefits of Panchakarma in Women for PCOS:

  • Reduces body weight.
  • Decreases insulin resistance.
  • Regulates normal hormone secretion. Fine tunes the endocrine system.
  • Remove toxins.
  • Corrects body metabolism.
  • Mental faculties, strength and vitality are enhanced.
  • Promotes fertility


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